On distracting/misleading ads

What’s wrong with this ad?

Hello bright and busy ad. Clearly you are annoying, but are you also nefarious?

Well, maybe nothing.  Except that it appears in this context:

So what?

Really?  At the top of the advice columnist live chat there’s a big blue button that will take you somewhere else, where you almost certainly don’t care to go, saying “SUBMIT A QUESTION NOW”?  Wonder how many clicks they get from near suicidal mothers* trying to get in touch with Carolyn.

They think we don’t notice?  We notice.

*Actual contributor from today’s chat:

Nowheresville: Hi Carolyn,

If you are a mother of young children and find yourself very mentally taxed by the everyday stresses of raising children to the point that you sometimes think of killing yourself, should you talk to a counselor? I haven’t made any actual plans to kill myself, and if I really think about it, I realize that doing something like that would be horribly cruel to my husband and children, likely scarring them for life. The chances that I would actually kill myself are about zero. All the same, it is not uncommon for these thoughts of suicide to cross my mind. Then I sometimes feel that I’m just being dramatic in my own head and I should just relax about stuff. The kids are healthy and on track developmentally, but raising little kids is hard. I am very tired.

Thanks for your input.


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