Why I ottaman…

I was out at a furniture store this weekend and encountered something I’d never seen before (though maybe I’m just new to the furniture store circuit):  a cocktail ottoman.

….a what?

Basically, it’s a giant, flat ottoman (the one I saw was a huuuuge black leather square.  Like, I could have stretched out across it diagonally).  It apparently functions as a footrest/coffee table–although, counterintuitively, the one I saw had an uneven, buttony texture so any cocktail you set on it is sure to spill.

May I offer you a Turkish Coffee? Get it, because it's a coffee table, and an Ottoman....um. Sorry.

“What a weird piece of furniture,” I said to myself.  “Who would actually choose to get this hybrid, which doesn’t really seem to succeed at being either of the things it claims to be, instead of a coffee table?”

Ask a silly question…….:

Dear Miss Manners: We have built our dream home and now are in the process of furnishing it. To my utter exasperation, my husband says that he doesn’t want any tables (side or center) in the family room, as he wants free range to horseplay with the children.

The room is quite large (so space is not an issue), we are well within our budget (so his opposition is not financial), and I have suggested wood tables as opposed to glass ones if safety is his concern.

He still refuses. I am upset because I feel it is inappropriate to entertain guests and ask them to put their glasses and plates on the floor, but my husband seems to see nothing wrong with this.

Am I being fussy? Is it commonplace to have no tables in the family room? This seemingly innocuous matter is turning into a contentious issue between us.

Gentle Reader: This is not the home furnishings department, but if Miss Manners can save a marriage, she feels she should. Put out folding tables when you expect guests.

Voila!  These people need a cocktail ottoman, for lounging, loafing, roughousing, and drinks.  (And if it’s big enough, perhaps all at the same time!)


3 responses to “Why I ottaman…

  1. Nice connection. I was wondering where this one was going!

    But yes, I hate to tell you… you are just new to the furniture store circuit.

  2. On facebook, there was widespread agreement that the cocktail ottoman is the best thing ever. I think the one I saw at Art Van was just so unreasonably large, and set in front of a HUUUUUGE couch…..the whole set up looked like a giant’s living room. And I still question the button/pillow/tufted top, which just doesn’t seem to conducive to setting down drinks or small plates.

    But I hereby resolve to remain open minded to a reasonably sized, flat-top cocktail ottoman.

  3. You are suppose to use a tray on the ottoman to use it as a coffee table.

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