Meta Karenina

Do you love Anna Karenina like I love Anna Karenina?

In this distressing adaptation, Greta Garbo Karenina and Tiny Mustache Vronsky dance the mazurka to Britney Spears:

If so, take a jaunt over to this week’s (hm, I guess it’s really last week’s) Ask the Paris Review.

You may wish to skip right over the Letter Writer 1, “November Whisky” (she’s downright disheartening).  This week, LW 2 (“Anonymous”), and the answer, is where it’s at.

The takeaway?  Pointers to two books about reading Anna Karenina.  (well, one is a short story–what, doesn’t the protaganist read the whole thing?):

Sounds like good travel reading….anyone planning a journey by train?


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