Mum’s the word….

In honor of Mother’s Day, Prudie devoted her whole column to, well, mommy issues (“Prudie offers advice on matriarchs with salacious secrets, deadly diseases, and pernicious personalities, just in time for Mother’s Day“): two grown kids trying to make the best choice to stay close with their moms, one teenager tired of everyone thinking she’s a mom when out with a baby, one crazy mom (there’s always got to be one!), and one mom letting the ghosts of her own jr. high past color her kids’ experience.

Some are quite thoughtful, though not all are necessarily the best way to honor moms and motherhood….. For example:

I’m fed up with my mother’s lifelong helplessness and dependency.

Yikes!  (The person who wrote this was not unjustified, but it’s a bit incongruous to choose her as the Mother’s Day poster child, no?  Then again, maybe not: moms of all kinds will be recognized this Sunday, in all kinds of ways–see also: Carolyn Hax live chat, about 2/3 of the way down–and the difficult situations probably deserve more advice column inches than the warm and fuzzy ones)

Happy Mother’s Day!  If you are a mom, enjoy your brunch and handcrafted elementary school delights….and if you have a mom, don’t forget to call!


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