To dye for….

Dear Annie: I read the letter from “Going Gray and Loving It,” who is 45 and doesn’t color her hair.

I started coloring my hair at age 40 to please my husband. He said, “It’s not so bad being a grandfather, but it’s no fun being married to a grandmother. Please get rid of the gray.” So, for 30-some years, I was a redheaded “hottie” in his eyes.

Recently, after I got smart and tired of coloring every six months, I quit. Guess what? Not one of my silver-haired friends noticed the difference. They accept me at face value and love me just the same as when I was an auburn-haired “beauty.” And I am sure, from up on his cloud, that my husband does, too.

I love my silvered hair. It goes well with everything and gives me an air of respectability. Nice younger men open doors for me, offer to carry my laundry basket and smile. Silver hair is the key to kindness when it’s needed. — Been There


What’s wrong with this picture?


One response to “To dye for….

  1. Have you seen this column yet?

    p.s I am Jill’s friend. She told me about your site a few months ago since I also love advice columnists.

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