How many ___ does it take to change a lightbulb?

I’ve been having some trouble getting motivated to write since the holidays. All the festivus drama has disappeared from the columns, it’s been cold and dark, it’s been busy at work, etc., etc., –the same old excuses! But here’s a Friday forehead slapper for you:

DEAR ABBY: I’m having a dispute with my husband. He thinks that you screw in a lightbulb clockwise. I disagree. I say counter-clockwise. Which of us is correct? — ERIKA IN PELHAM, ALA.

DEAR ERIKA: He is. You screw in a lightbulb by turning it to the right, the same way you tighten the lid on a jar — which is clockwise. The mnemonic for this is: “Right is tight; left is loose.”


1) So, clearly she’s never changed a lightbulb…..and
2) Couldn’t they have settled this by, you know, trying it? Rather than writing to Dear Abby?
3) Abby, WHY did you print this letter? Sigh, the same reason I did, I suppose.


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