No Such Thing as Happily Ever After….

In reality, married life is fraught with pain and strife:

DEAR ABBY: Please help my husband and me settle an argument. He hates when I step out of the shower onto the bath mat to dry off, leaving it wet. I think that’s what the bath mat is for. Who’s right? — LISA IN LEXINGTON, S.C.

DEAR LISA: You are. The alternative would be to step out of the shower onto a tile floor — which could cause a slip and fall, or onto carpet, which would become moldy. After you have finished drying off, however, the bath mat should be hung up to dry.

Oh PUH-LEEEEZE. I am the queen of getting unreasonably upset about minor, ridiculous things, and even I think this is absurd. I wish Abby had said as much, rather than granting this woman the triumph of being “right,” and thus validating that there is even something to argue about here.


3 responses to “No Such Thing as Happily Ever After….

  1. hey, its kristina. i am in complete agreement with the originial poster to dear abby. one of my biggggest pet peeves in life is a wet bathmat. it completely grosses me out. Personally, I turn the water off in the shower, grab my towel while i am still standing in the tub and dry off. The mat gets a little wet but not sopping like it would be if you drip all over it. I do however agree with you in saying that abby should have told these fuckers to get a life, but i understan this woman’s plight…

  2. Hey you!Thanks for reading! And thank you, as always, for putting my thoughts into blunter, even more straightforward terms.

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