A whole new meaning to Breaking the Glass….

Here’s some bizarre advice I encountered this morning while browsing theknot.com, which is what I always wind up doing when I should be doing homework. In a helpful article for wedding guests (not sure if that link will work, or try to make you sign in), the author reminds guests that, no matter how clever or insightful they think they are, it’s probably better to go ahead and buy a present off of the registry, rather than striking out on their own. OK, fair enough. But then, this:

For a personal touch, pick an item that has some significance for you and the couple (like buying them stemware to replace the glass you broke at their last dinner party), and include a letter that lets them know you put some thought into their wedding gift and got them something they really wanted.

Um…..what? I’m not even really sure how to respond to this…like, is the author of this article bitter because this happened to her? Or could she really not think of a better example of how a registry gift might tie in with your friendship (in which case….this is not a persuasive argument for why you should stick to the registry!) Or was she trying to be sassy?

Well….she failed. This is just….weird.


3 responses to “A whole new meaning to Breaking the Glass….

  1. Um, furthermore, who the hell expects the bride and groom to pay for their hotel? What a weird article…

  2. Freaks! Freaks!P.S. will you break something belonging to me and then buy me a new one for my wedding (not just because, um, replacing it is the noble thing to do?) Please?

  3. ALthough I DO appreciate the advice that the bride is not your point person for all travel and accomodations related questions. That is what the internet is for!

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